What you need: 

  • Micador For Artsits Soft Pastels

Step 1: Your design

Plot in the shape of the pear onto the paper. We’re starting with a light warm colour like yellow. Colour in the entire pear to provide a base to work on.

Step 2: Tones

Add some other tones such as orange and add shading to the shape by making one side darker than the other.

Step 3: Cool colours

You can also add colours like green, purple and blue to bring out the shading on the pear and to contrast the warm colours with some cooler ones. When you’re happy with the colour, tip the paper up and tap it so that the excess pastel is removed from the page

Step 4: Fix it

Finally, spray your work with Micador Fixative so that the colour doesn’t smudge. Complete!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF