Before you start: If you have collected your stones from nature make sure they are clean and dry before starting. If you are using your Micador AquaPainters for the first time, shake well to mix colour, then depress the tip to start ink flowing.


Step 1: Start Drawing!

Using Micador AquaPainters, draw your story elements directly onto your stones. For the ghosts, R.I.P. headstones and skulls seen in this activity we used the Micador For Artists AquaPainters Winter Collection. Our pant pens work equally as well on decorative glossy stones as they do on more rugged rocks found in nature.

Step 2: Try more detail

Look online or in books for inspiration and copy the line and detail onto your stones. Think skeletons, RIP grave headstones or spiderwebs! You may like to sketch your design on paper first and then once you are comfortable draw the element onto the stone. Try different coloured stones for cotrasting backgrounds or just writing spooky words for variety!

Step 3: Layering

With the spooky story stone elements that feature more than one colour you may require a few layers to create the complete image. In these instances, make sure you allow for adequate drying time before adding the next colour layer to the stone. To create the pumpkin and Frankenstein story stones in this activity we used the Micador For Artists AquaPainters Summer Collection.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF