Does your Dad already have enough socks and ties? Good! This is an easy and fun gift that Dads can use at home or work – why not make him one for both?


Step 1:

Choose a piece of coloured paper from your Create It Art Pad and draw a rectangle 95mm wide and 85mm high. Cut out the shape, this will be the base of your coaster.

Step 2:

Cover the paper with craft glue and one by one add your craft sticks until your paper is covered. Natural coloured sticks are great for stamping on, but you could also mix in a coloured stick or two to brighten up your coaster.

Step 3:

Pop something heavy on top of your coaster while it dries. We used a tape dispenser. This will help it dry as flat as possible.

Step 4:

The fun part! When the glue is dry, go crazy with your stamps. You could stamp lots of words that describe your Dad, or create a message, it’s up to you! What do you think your Dad would like?
Download this info as a takeaway PDF