These DIY greeting cards are easy to make and lots of fun! Simply use our early stART Story Stickers to create a gorgeous greeting card! Whether you’re part of a ‘herd’, from a funny ‘farm’ or one of the ‘cheeky monkeys’ in someone special’s life – these stickers help tell your story! early start Glue stick Collected & Co. Envelope and Card Sets Sizzle Scissors Old junk mail, magazines, or newspaper


Step 1: Choose before you stick

Secure some blank gift cards or fold some cardboard to create some. We used our Collected & Co. Envelope and Card Sets. Then choose which early start Story Stickers work with the special occasion.

Step 2: Spot and cut!

Work out what you want the front of the card to say and either secure some alphabet stickers or cut out the required letters from old junk mail, magazines or newspapers.

Step 3: Stick away!

Apply the required letters and then decorate your card with early stART Story Stickers

Step 4: Don't stop at 1!

Why not create a few cards at once. You can never have too many cute cards on hand for all those little celebrations that pop up!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF