Looking for an easy Christmas Craft idea to do with the little ones? Try this cute tape resist painting activity.


Step 1: Download template & trace

Download the template below, cut out the candy cane shape and trace onto your piece of rains paper, painting paper or light cardboard. You can trace multiple candy canes onto the one sheet - just make sure they line up so the stripes will be even.

Step 2: Add Tape

Place your tape across the paper diagonally, making sure each strip is an even distance apart.

Step 3: Paint!

This is where the kids can join in and have fun - get painting! Then allow to dry.

Step 4: Remove Tape

Once dry, carefully remove the tape to reveal your stripy candy canes! If you want to make your candy canes even more decorative, you can apply another layer of tape and paint with other colours (we did a layer of plain red paint, then a layer of metallic). Once dry we then used red markers and metallic markers to add more stripes using a ruler.

Step 5: Cut out

Once complete, cut out your candy canes. You can use these to create Christmas Tree Ornaments, Cards, or a cute Candy Cane Bunting!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF