Roymac Life Pencils are large, natural wood pencils with a 6mm colour strip. They have strong pigment concentration, smooth and even colour lay-down in graduated skin (flesh) tones (cool & warm) and white. They are ideal for portraits and these easy steps demonstrate how to get great tonal effects on black or white paper.


Step 1:

Position the Micador male manikin in a position you are happy with. Using the white Life Pencil, sketch the outline of the manikin onto black paper.

Step 2:

Use the various skin toned colours in the Life Pencil pack to colour in and shade your drawing.

Step 3:

To add some pattern and texture, try using a dark coloured Life Pencil to layer over the top of lighter colours.

Step 4:

Time to give the black background some detail. Use the black Micador Duo Calligraphy Pen to draw in some interesting patterns. By using this black on black technique, it creates a subtle distinction between the background and foreground, keeping the manikin the central focus or your artwork.

Step 5:

Your artwork is now complete! Put it in a frame and hang it up on the wall or simply let it sit it on your desk as daily inspiration. You can also try using the Life Pencils and Duo Calligraphy Markers on Micador’s Visual Art Diary paper to achieve different effects. Enjoy!

Handy Tip:

When choosing a frame for your artwork, select one that reflects one of the colours within the artwork to achieve a more cohesive result.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF