One of the most common ways to transfer a template onto paper or canvas is by using our Tracing Paper! Grab a sheet and lie it over the image you need to trace and you're ready to go. Alternatively, there's the graphite technique. Grab some Micador Drawing Paper and an Essential Pencil to start and then follow the steps below.


Step 1: Begin

Start by outlining your design template with a graphite pencil. Then turn the page over with the design downwards onto your paper or canvas.

Step 2: Shade

Using a soft lead graphite instrument (graphite sticks are best because you can cover large areas by using the side of the stick) rub the graphite over the areas where your design is. Note: Remember that you are covering the back of your design with a dense coat of graphite. After you have coated the page with graphite, use a tissue to even out the graphite and get rid of the loose graphite dust.

Step 3: Trace

Now flip the page over and position the paper over the surface (graphite side down) onto which you want it to be transferred and tape the edges down to fasten it in place. Using a ballpoint pen, trace your design using medium pressure. Too much pressure will result in visible dark lines when come to colouring in your design.

Step 4: Your outline

Once you have traced the design with a pen, remove the paper and you should be left with a faint outline of your design on your canvas or paper and you are ready to start applying colour!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF