We’ll show you how to achieve professional effects with Micador art materials – artist quality at a price for everyone. This project uses three stretched canvases to create a series of eye catching wall art pieces using acrylic paint.


Step 1: Preparation and inspiration

Experiencing other cultures when you travel can inspire you to create amazing art. Trinkets, symbols and images collected along the way can give you a starting point for your design. We’ve chosen an Asian inspired theme and are using Chinese characters, ‘You and Me’ to create our masterpiece.

Step 2: Create your design

Experiment with your chosen image using scale and cropping. We photocopied and enlarged our Chinese characters, and then cropped them to add impact. The characters then become an abstract part of our creation. Sketch your design on paper and fill-in in the colours using Micador ColouRush® Pencils. Lightly trace the outline of your design onto your canvas using a soft pencil.

Step 3: Layering

Paint in layers. Start with the colours that form your background. Use firm strokes to spread the paint around evenly to achieve a crisp, smooth finish. Make sure your background is dry before you paint in the rest of your design so that the colours don’t run into each other.

Step 4: Your finished masterpiece

Remember to paint along the sides of your canvas for a professional finish. Once it’s completely dry (around 2 hours) hang your painting. Simply use Micador’s Easy Canvas Hangers to display your artwork and your masterpiece will be the centerpiece of your next dinner party!
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