Local artist Gay Strickland took out first place in our Second MAD Box Challenge with this impressionist still-life with tulips, and her use of bright primary colours offset by subtle 3D effects. She painted with her fingers, using only Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint and Micador Create-It Art Board. Check out the steps below to see how to re-create this picture at home.


Step 1: Background

To begin, she applied a layer of blue, taking advantage of the translucent quality of the paint on the board to allow patches of white to shine through to create the effect of a milky sky.

Step 2: Paint in the flowers

Gay then used the bright primary colours of the finger paints to sketch the stems of flowers, along with bold red daubs which would form the basis of the tulips. Over these she applied highlights to the tulips and foreground, creating the impression of vibrant flowers surrounded by fallen petals.

Step 3: Layer paint for desired texture

She found that the Micador finger paint dried quickly and flattened across the art board. Taking advantage of the relationship between texture and pigment, she applied several coats and teased out the abstract dappled effect visible in the background.

Step 4: 3D mesh finish

To finish the piece, Gay used the natural stickiness of the paint to attach a length of orange mesh as a basket for the tulips. The mesh folds over and provides subtle 3D effect, drawing the eye to the vibrant clash of colours.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF