Uluru is one of Australia's most recognised and significant landmarks. Making an Uluru Outback Scene is a great way to learn all about the famous wonder and celebrate Australia Day.


Step 1:

Cut the lid off a 6 pack egg carton and give it a coat of Micador Easy Wash Rockin' Red Paint. Leave it to dry.

Step 2:

Cut a sheet of blue imagination paper to the same width as your box, and attach it with glue along the top edge. This will be your sky background.

Step 3:

Use the green-handled sponge brush from the early stART Stuff For Painting pack to dab some clouds into your sky with the Easy Wash Snow White Paint.

Step 4:

Now create the ground colour by mixing even amounts of the Easy Wash Rockin' Red, Fruity Orange and Midnight Black Paint. Using the green sponge brush, press lightly to create a desert sand effect on an orange sheet of paper.

Step 5:

Once your egg carton is dry, use the black mesh brush to build up texture and colour. Try different mixtures of paint and finish with some orange.

Step 6:

Use early stART First Dough to create bushes and animals, or hunt around for some leaves and twigs in your garden.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF