Memory is a great game to play with friends or family so follow this step-by-step instructional and to create this brilliant Christmas game for kids. Tips: A good technique is to leave a white border when you cut out your creations as this will make your designs stand out. The colours and designs you can use for your cards are as endless as your imagination! See how many designs you can come up with!


Step 1: Getting your template

Use the template provided to cut the shape out of the Rains Watercolour Paper. You want at least 16 cards so one piece of the Rains Paper should be sufficient (size doesn’t have to be exact).

Step 2: Transferring the template

You can either trace or copy a design provided or design your own Christmas themed cards! Using a graphite pencil (in case you make a mistake!), outline your designs onto the cards. Make sure you do 2 of each design to make up the pairs.

Step 3: Colour

Now using the Stylist Watercolours, add some colour to your designs. Remember to mix the paint with water for beautiful effects. Make them as bright and colourful as you want!

Step 4: Bring it to life

Once the paint is dry on all of your cards, use the Stay Anywhere Pen to outline and add dimension to your designs.

Step 5: Time to play

Once all the cards are painted and dry, shuffle them and lay them face down on a table. Each person takes turns in turning two cards, trying to match a pair.

Step 6: Who has the best memory?

If you match a pair, have another go until you don’t find a match. The winner is the person who found the most pairs- and the person with the best memory!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF