We know that having children can be very messy. Whether they’re eating, playing, drawing or painting, mess seems to follow them wherever they go.


When you buy art supplies, you want to know that helping your kids’ creativity doesn’t come at the price of stained walls, carpet or clothes. That’s why at Micador, we’ve created products with different levels of washability, so that you know what you’re in for when you buy them.


Look for the icon on the packaging to identify how washable the product is. Follow the guide below to understand just how safe for your home, furniture and your favourite white linen pants these products are!




Products that are Washable can wash off skin with warm soapy water and out of fabrics in a normal wash. Products: Besties Washable Marker Mates, Micador jR. Giant Crayons, Micador early stART Softies Tri-Grip Crayons, Micador jR. Face Paint Sticks, Micador Triangle Easy Grip Markers, Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint, Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint Fluoro, Micador Easy Wash Paint, Micador Easy Wash Paint Metallics, Micador Easy Wash Mega Oil Pastels, Micador Glass & Tub Twistaz, Micador early stART Washable Oil Pastels and Micador early stART No-Drip Paint.


Products that are SuperWashable can be washed off skin with soap and water and from almost all fabrics in a cold wash. Products: Micador Colourfun Markers, early stART Chunky Markers, early stART Chunky Stampers, Micador Safety Markers, Micador Marathon Markers, Micador early stART Chunky Markers and Micador early stART Chunky Stampers.

Washable Plus

Ink that is marked SuperWashable Plus can be simply rinsed from skin with water and from fabrics in a cold wash. Products: Micador early stART Safety Markers.
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