The folding in this activity is great for hand-eye-coordination and improving fine motor skills; it also provides a great opportunity to introduce early shape and fraction mathematical concepts.


Step 1: Cut & fold

Start by cutting a sheet of A3 early stART Painting Paper so you have two A4 size rectangle sheets. You'll need to cut two sheets so you have a set of four evenly sized A4 rectangles. Laying your paper sheets horizontally, fold your paper in half and then continue folding back and forth to create evenly sized accordion folds. Fold each of your four paper accordions in half and glue the inner folds to form four fans.

Step 2: Assemble your pinwheel

Next, we need to secure all four fans together to form 1 large fan. Making sure that the ends match up, grab hold of each freed edge and bring them together, securing the edges with glue as you go. You now have your pinwheel

Step 3: Paint your pinwheel

Have fun and paint your pinwheel. Try painting each panel a different colour for a rainbow effect or even layering your paint colours to achieve unique watercolour style.

Step 4: Paint and display!

Try and incorporate the egg chalk into your scene. We created a chicken nesting box for the final touch.
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