Make these baby bunnies and create a gorgeous keepsake that will make everyone hoppy!


You can create your ‘bunny’ family or teachers can try this activity in class and have fun playing a ‘guess the bunny’ game – kids love seeing photos of themselves as babies!


You will need:


  • A photo of a baby (printed approx. 8x10 in).
  • Micador Easy Wash Paint (we mixed red and white to make the pink colour).
  • Micador Lotus Paint Palette
  • Micador early stART Bubble Gum Brushes
  • Micador early stART A3 Painting paper
  • Micador Early Start Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Cotton balls




Step 1: Get foot-printing!

Paint the sole of your child’s foot and press a footprint onto a sheet of A3 painting paper. You will need two right foot prints and two left foot prints. Allow your prints to dry.

Step 2: Cut them out

Once dry, cut out your footprints. Make sure you leave a small border of white around each of the prints. Then cut out around the face in your baby photo (no border required).

Step 3: Draw a body around your baby face

Place your baby face cut-out onto a fresh piece of A3 paper and draw out the head and body of the bunny. At this point it will resemble a peanut shape. Once you’re happy with the shape of your bunny, cut around your outline.

Step 4: Put a face to the bunny and add cotton balls!

Secure your baby face cut-out to the centre of the bunny head with glue. Then spread glue around the face border and the body. Now cover the surface of the bunny completely with cotton balls.

Step 5: Add ears and paws!

Attach your painted footprints to the bunny, so that they form the rabbits ears and paws!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF