Use Micador For Artists Permapainters to mix and blend, you can achieve skin and hair tones from primary colours.


  • Other surfaces you can use are Micador For Artists Rains Watercolour Paper, Canvas, Micador For Artists Kraft Paper, leather, plastic or glass!
  • Have up to three white PermaPainters (with paint in the tips) ready to go, so you can work quickly.
  • When you mix the colours the tips can become sticky. When this happens, scribble on a bit of paper in fast circular motions until the paint starts to flow again.


What you'll need: 

  • Micador For Artists PermaPainters (Laneway and Heaven Spot)
  • HB Micador Essential pencil
  • Micador Stay Anywhere Permanent Pen
  • A piece of wood



Step 1:

Work with wood that has been sealed or gessoed, so the paint wont dry as quickly and you have time to correct your colours. Draw your face outline and features with a pencil.

Step 2:

Start colouring the face. Use blue for shadows or veins and red for the pink parts. Colour with white over areas needing highlights and lightening. Also, use white to correct (by going over them quickly and blending).

Step 3:

Use a Micador Stay Anywhere Permanent Pen to add some detail to the face (once PermaPainter paint is dry).

Step 4:

To achieve the hair colour, use yellow, red and white PermaPainters. Add blue, green and white to the background to contrast with the hair and face.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF