If you are looking to give your kitchen (at home or work) a café style makeover, this sign will get you started!

Simply, recycle some wood offcuts or purchase a small piece of wood from a hardware store to get your sign started. 


What you’ll need:

Scrap wood

Micador Acrylic Paint, Metallic colors 

Micador Essential Pencils FSC 100% 

Roymac Future Brush

Strong double sided tape for affixing to a wall


Step 1: Sketch your sign design

Source some scrap wood (smooth is best) and roughly sketch your sign design with a graphite pencil.

Step 2: Paint with layers

Using acrylic paint, start painting your coffee. Start with dark brown as a base and then mix with white to detail the lighter brown parts of the coffee. Make sure you leave the sections blank that will detail cream of froth.

Step 3: Add cream on the top!

Use your white paint to add cream or froth to the top. Don’t stop there – channel you inner barista and include a fun pattern at the top of the coffee!

Step 4: Add the last details

Add some coffee beans and paint in the word/s you have chosen for your sign. Allow it to completely dry before attaching double-sided tape to the back and affixing to the wall.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF