Homemade cards say and mean so much more. Help your child make this card for your dapper Dad!

You will need:

  • Uncooked bow tie pasta
  • Easy Wash Paint- Metallic 
  • Colourfun Brushes Flat
  • Micador Create It Art Pads 
  • Glue Stick, Card 2 early stART 
  • Card Set - Square Collected & Co
  • Micador For Artists AquaPainters

To fold the cards follow the instructions in our Shirt Card activity.



Step 1:

Paint your uncooked pasta.

Step 2:

While the pasta is drying, fold your paper shirts. Use the two-colour magic paper and follow the ‘shirt card’ instructions linked to in the intro.

Step 3:

Paste your paper shirt onto the card.

Step 4:

Paste your painted pasta onto the paper shirt. Decorate your bow tie. Aqua painters work really well!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF