Thermotransfer pencils are used to copy or transfer images onto different surfaces i.e. various drawing and watercolour papers, canvas, fabric and primed wood surfaces etc.


See below for some tips on how to get the most out of your thermotransfer pencils.



Draw or trace your design

Draw or trace your design using a Thermotransfer Pencil onto baking paper (draw on the side that has the least shine). TIP: if you want your design the exactly the same as the image you are tracing you will need to “flip” the design and use this version to copy, as otherwise your design will be in reverse on the new surface.

Iron it on

Lay drawing-side down onto watercolour paper, canvas etc make sure there is complete contact and iron the back so the image transfers. Lift while holding in place to check you have applied enough heat or contact. You might need more, or it may be good to remove.

... or heat and roll!

You can also use a hairdryer with a roller, barren or back of spoon to create contact and heat. As long as you have heat and contact it will transfer! You could even use a hair straightener if the image is small enough in width and the new surface can stand the heat of a straightener. TIP: Do not cut out the image at the start, as you will need the excess paper to hold your paper in place and keep your fingers far enough away from the heat.

Transfer again!

If need be, you can use the transfer again. Where you need multiply transfers you may need to apply more pencil to the baking paper or start a fresh copy. Once completed you can now get to work on your surface.
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