You’ll need:

Micador For Artists Stylist Brush Markers Box 24 

Roymac Rains Watercolour Paper 

A plastic sheet (acetate, sandwich or freezer bag will work)



Technique 1: Blending with yellow

Choose 2 or more colours and, using your plastic sheet as a palette, apply swatches of the colour next to each other. We chose yellow as our light colour (start with the lightest colour first).

Technique 1 continued: Keep blending to create red highlights

Next, we chose the pink brush marker to mix with the yellow and create red highlights. Don’t worry about staining your brush marker nibs with different colours, our brush markers will self clean as you continue to draw.

Technique 2: Create a Wreath

Use the fine tip of your Sap Green Brush Marker to draw the circle outline of your wreath. Then, flip your marker and use the brush tip to press down and form teardrop or leaf shapes around the wreath outline. The brush nib is the soft enough to bend and stamp on the paper and makes a perfect leaf shape when applied like this.

Technique 3: Illustrate some lavender

Draw your stem with the fine tip of your Moss Green Brush Marker. Next, grab your Lavender Brush Marker and use the same technique for drawing a wreath. Ensure you join two strokes together at the base to make a heart shape. You could also use the Purple Brush Marker.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF