This is an educational (and fun) activity for students who are learning the 12 Chinese Year Animals.

Here are numerous styles, or scripts, in which Chinese characters can be written, deriving from various calligraphic and historical models. We chose the Oracle Bone inscriptions which were invented long before the Shang Dynasty.

You will need:

  • Micador For Artists Aqua Painters, Winter Collection, Box 6 
  • Roymac Rains Watercolour Paper 
  • Roymac Purity Brush, Kolinsky Sable
  • Micador Essential Pencils HB, FSC 100% 
  • Micador 3030 Plastic Eraser 

Step 1: Start drawing with pencil

Lightly rule a 4 x 3 grid on your watercolour paper. Google and print the 12 Chinese Year Animals characters and copy or trace them in pencil on your grid.

Step 2: Trace with your AquaPainters

Now begin tracing with AquaPainters, the copying and tracing is a great way for students to learn and remember the animals. Experiment with pressure, the firmer you press the AquaPainters the thicker strokes you will achieve.

Step 3: Continue with tracing

Continue tracing all the animals. Ask the students to use their imagination and guess which animal each character is.

Step 4: Add the animal name

Ask the students to include the animal name underneath the characters and see how many animals they have guessed correctly. Our Aqua Painters could also be mixed with water, try to trace again with brush to improve memory.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF