Channel your inner designer and create fashion forward designs for a miniature fashion show that would do Prada proud!

Remember to complete your model’s look by adding a hairstyle, colour and any facial features required. Select a dress style for your paper muse and model your three design styles!

 You will need:

  • Micador For Artists AquaPainters 
  • Roymac Rains Watercolour Paper, A3
  • Roymac Purity Brush, Kolinsky Sable
  • Micador Essential Pencils HB, FSC 100% 
  • Micador 3030 Plastic Eraser 
  • Micador Lotus Palette 
  • Empty water spray bottle

Draw a dressed figure and create 2 dress copies

Draw a figure wearing a dress on A3 watercolour paper and cut it into two pieces. You'll now have a dress from the waist down and the upper body. Use the rest of paper to draw and cut two copies of the dress from waist down.

Technique 1: Brush and blend

Start colouring the dress outlines (and creases) with your chosen AquaPainter colour. Next, dip your brush in water and blend your outlines into the dress to create a watercolour effect.

Techniques 2: Spray away

Spray a cover of water over one of your watercolour dress cut outs from step 1. Then, depress your AquaPainter nib on the paper surface to release some paint. Now, move your paper in the direction that you want your colour to run.

Technique 3: Go dotty

Complete the steps used in technique 2 and press the AquaPainters down in the water in varying levels of pressure to achieve different strokes and dots. You will now have 3 different dress design styles.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF