We recommend using toned paper with soft pastels. Micador For Artists Kraft Paper works beautifully with this medium as it will allow you to really let the light and dark tones shine. Tip: once you blend pastel with your finger, make sure you wipe the pastel off your skin. If you don't do this, the pastel on your fingers will smudge into whatever color your using next.

You will need:

  • Micador For Artists Soft Pastels-Sepia Pack 12 
  • Micador For Artists Soft Pastels-Greys Pack 12
  • Micador For Artists Kraft Paper
  • Roymac Purity Brush, Kolinsky Sable 
  • Micador Essential Pencils HB, FSC 100% 
  • Micador 3030 Plastic Eraser 
  • Micador Lotus Palette
  • Micador Fixative Spray

Step 1: Sketch the outlines

Using your HB pencil, lightly sketch your landscape.

Step 2: Colour your background

Use the range of tones found in the Sepia range to horizontally lay down lines of colour for the sunset. At this stage colour should be side-by-side and not blended.

Step 3: Shave and blend

Using your finger, softly blend your skyline to smooth out areas where different colours meet. Then use your scissors to shave black pastel carefully onto the trunk of the sketched tree and mountains.

Step 4: Brush over

Use your brush dipping into water and mix the shaved powder to thoroughly colour the trunk and the mountains. Then spread the brush along the tree branches and details the leaves. To ensure your art doesn’t smudge we recommend you seal your work with a Micador For Artists Fixative Spray.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF