What you need:

  • Micador For Artists AquaPainters – Summer and Autumn Collection
  • PermaPainters – Laneway Collection and Heaven Spot Collection
  • Clear Baubles
  • Paper Tape
  • PomPoms

Step 1: Prep your ball and draw!

It is easier to paint the baubles if you rest them upside down on a circular object – even blue tack can help hold it. That way you also aren’t smudging it with your fingers. Use paper tape to tape up half of the bauble to give yourself a clear area – it can also block out the paint so you can go right up to the edge! Draw your pattern onto the bauble - Try creating a patchwork pattern.

Step 2: Define and tidy!

Once you have put your first layer of paint on, make sure it is dry and then do a second layer to really define it. Once that is dry, remove the tape – if any paint has leaked from it, you can use a wet cloth to clean up the edges.

Step 3: Name it and Decorate it!

One the bauble is all cleaned and dry, use the Micador For Artists PermaPainters to write a name on the other side to personalise your bauble. Even put in some little pompoms or glitter inside to give it another element.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF