What you need:

  • Easy Wash Paint – Bright’s and Metallics
  • Micador Painting Paper
  • Micador Colourfun Brush Pack of 4
  • 2 x White Potatoes
  • Metal Cookie Cutters
  • Knife

Step 1: Create your stamp!

* GET AN ADULT TO HELP YOU * Cut the potato in half and press the metal cookie cutter into it. Using a knife slice a few mm into the potato around the cookie cutter. Once you pull the cutter out, the shape should be raised from the rest of the potato.

Step 2: Paint your stamp

Using a paintbrush to get the paint on the stamp works a lot better as it creates a smooth stamp. Then firmly and evenly press the stamp onto the paper and repeat the process. Try and create alternating patterns.

Step 3: Change the colour!

You can easily wash your potato to re-use it and change it to another colour! Try using some metallic paint to add some shine to your wrapping.

Step 4: Wrap your gifts!

Once the paper has dried, you can now wrap up all your Micador goodies and put it under the tree ready for Christmas Day!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF