You will need:

  • A sheet of thick cardboard
  • A heart template
  • Micador Stay Anywhere Black Marker Pen
  • Micador Sizzle Scissors
  • Colourfun Paint Brushes
  • Micador Easy Wash Paint – Metallic and Fluoro
  • Wool/yarn
  • Plastic beads

Step 1: Mark out your heart

Using your black marker, trace or draw your heart design onto the cardboard.

Step 2: Cut that heart out

Cut out your cardboard heart. Cut small slits along the sides of the heart about 2 cm apart.

Step 3: Paint on a fun design

Paint your heart shape in a fun pattern.

Step 4: Wrap with wool

Take your wool and wrap it around the heart, attaching the wool to each slit as you wrap it around.

Step 5: Get a handle on your heart!

Thread some beads onto a piece of wool and attach it to your dream catcher. Cut a small piece of wool and attach it the back of the heart to form a handle.


* Hang your dream catcher in your bedroom so you can have lovely dreams filled with love. * Thread beads onto your wool as you are wrapping it around the cardboard. * Hang more than one length of beads from the bottom of the heart. * Glue gems on your heart for a lovely glitter effect!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF