Planning a long road trip? keep the kids occupied with these crafty activities and make everyone’s journey more enjoyable!

Collect your materials and store them in your pencil case!


Activity Idea 1: Naughts and crosses

Use your paper tape to create a grid on some of your pad pages, so a naughts and crosses game is ready to roll when you are!

Activity Idea 2: I Spy!

Write “I Spy something…” at the top of the page and either put coloured swatches (so they can tick beside them when they see something of that colour or try drawing a tree, a car, a house, a cloud etc and allow room for your child to tick next to the drawings.

Activity Idea 3: Tape resist art!

The handy thing about paper tape is that you don’t need scissors to cut the tape. It is really easy to tear! Create criss cross designs across your pad pages and let your child colour in the segments.

Activity Idea 4: Draw what you see!

Simply write “Draw what you see” at the top of the page and let your child create a scene depicting the things they see during the ride. This is also a lovely momento of the road trip if you are one your way to or from a holiday!
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