Sketch and paint stylish silhouettes with our fashion illustration tips. Add watercolour to bring your model to life!

You will need:

Micador For Artists Watercolour Disc-24 Brilliant Compact 

Roymac Rains Watercolour Paper, DL, Pack of 50

Roymac Purity Brush, Kolinsky Sable

Micador Essential Pencils HB, FSC 100% 

Micador 3030 Plastic Eraser 

Micador Lotus Palette 



Step 1: Sketch a figure

Draw a line vertically down the middle of your page. Divide it equally into 10 horizontal units (ensure your marks go ou to the sides). This will help you draw a balanced silhouette. As a guide: a head equals one unit, the shoulder is 2 head’s width and waist is 4 head’s width.

Step 2: Paint with layers

Prepare with skin tones first and start with light shades. We illustrated a turquoise coat, a grey shirt and vandyke brown trousers for our outfit. Use more water in this step to make it clean and tidy.

Step 3: Continue with shadow layers

Lightly add a small amount of black to detail shadows on each item. At a minimum, the elbow and collar.

Step 4: Add details to the face

Paint the eyes with skin tones and add a hint of black to underline the shape of the eyes. Add lips and a nose (this might just be a shadow). Don’t forget to add a fashionable hairstyle to finish!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF