See below for some inspired ideas. 

Micador For Artists PermaPainters are versatile and allow you to make your mark on an endless list of surfaces!

Whether it's a design, a drawing or your name - every day household items can be transformed from tired to trendy in ten minutes!

What will you decorate with our PermaPainters?

What you'll need:

  • Micador For Artists PermaPainters
  • A small porcelain pot
  • Transparent plastic phone case
  • Pen holder

Choose your surface

Choose from wood, plastic, ceramic, metal and so much more! Whatever needs a splash of colour, a daring design or a pick me up - PermaPainters will do the job!

House those fresh herbs

Make your mint mighty or give your parsley purpose by decorating your herb pots. Tip: PermaPainters come up beautifully on the surface of a white porcelain pot.

Create a new phone cover

Sick of the standard shell for your cell phone? Simply, buy a cheap transparent plastic phone cover and your use PermaPainters to sketch, colour and make a mark.

Pretty up that pen holder!

If your desk is in need of decoration, why not pretty up that pen holder? Tip: we used a small black plastic potplant holder and converted it a pen holder.
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