For this activity, we used our Micador For Artists Kraft Paper to create the stamps. However, you can also use old gift paper or toilet paper rolls at home and recycle at the same time! 

Make sure you create a few, they look fantastic when displayed together across a wall. Try it with a group or your class!

You will need:

  • Micador Easy Wash Paint-Metallic 60ml Tubs, Pack 4
  • Micador Colourfun Brush Pack of 4-Flat 
  • Micador For Artists Kraft paper
  • Micador Scissor 
  • Micador Painting Paper Pad, A3
  • Collected & Co. Paper Tape
  • Paper plates



Step 1: Cut slits

Start by cutting even length slits on one side of your Kraft Paper.

Step 2: Make stamps

Roll the Kraft Paper and tape it together along the side. Pull the slits back so they stick out.

Step 3: Pour paint onto paper plates

Lay out a paper plate for each paint colour you intend to use. Then pour each colour paint onto a separate plate. You will need up to 2 hand palms worth of paint.

Step 4: Make fireworks prints

Dip your Firework Stamp into your paint and then press it down on your painting paper. Start with single colours and then try mixing colours by stamping on similar spots to show lots of fireworks on your page!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF