A parent or teacher is needed to get this activity started and also to guide the child’s play so they learn about the animals.


You will need:

  • early stART Besties Marker Mates - Baby Barnyard, Pack 6
  • Essential Pencils - FSC Pure
  • Early Start Scribble Pad, A3

Step 1: Birds eye view

Firstly a parent or a teacher needs to draw a rough outline of an aerial view of a farm. Include a chicken coop, a pig trough, two paddocks, a rabbit warren and a lake so each Besties has a home! Ask your child to colour it in using their Besties Markers to give the farm some colour.

Step 2. What goes where?

Discuss with your child about where each Besties Marker Mate would spend their time on the farm. Do some animals frequent a few places? Where do they sleep and eat? Can they mingle?

Step 3. Oink, Moo and Quack!

Ask your child to make the noises of the animal they are moving around the farm or colouring in with. How do they talk at night? What do they say when the farmer or the farmers wife visits them?
Download this info as a takeaway PDF