Grab your Besties Washable Marker Mates and draw a map of your neighbourhood! Your child will learn where they live and about some key local landmarks at the same time.


You will need:

  • Besties Washable Marker Mates, Fairytale
  • Besties Washable Marker Mates, Puppy
  • A ruler
  • Micador Essential Pencil
  • Micador Drawing Paper





Step 1. Note your landmarks

Look on Google Earth or take a stroll around your block. Make notes of any major landmarks, for example is there a school, a major road, a café, a best friend’s house or even a large tree that can act as points of reference? Write down all these observations down as you go!

Step 2. Sketch your neighbourhood

Draw a grid with a ruler and pencil. Start with your home and then build out the neighbourhood by adding drawings of the landmarks noted in step 1.

Step 3. Colour in with your Besties

Use your Besties to colour in your map! Once coloured in you can engage in imaginative play and turn your home into a castle (where a King and Queen lives) or use your Puppy Besties to roam the streets and fight crime (think Paw Patrol)!

Step 4. Play Time!

Place one of your Besties on the other side of the map and ask your child to talk you through how they would get back home from that location. Point out safe places they can visit to call you if they are ever lost (this is the time to teach them their parent’s mobile numbers too)!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF