Our Twistaz Crayons are perfect for this activity as the plastic barrel around the crayon protects little fingers as they are creating the shavings! 


As an iron is used, this activity requires parental guidance.


You will need:

  • Micador A4 Drawing Paper
  • An outline of a butterfly
  • Twistaz Colourfun Crayons, 24s
  • Micador Big Sharpener or cheese grater
  • Baking paper
  • An iron set on a low temperature setting (no steam)
  • early stART Safety Scissors

Step 1: Draw and fold in half

Draw (or print and trace) a butterfly onto your A4 drawing paper. Fold the template in half and then open your paper to unfold and expose two halves.

Step 2: Sharpen and sprinkle!

Sharpen your crayons using a sharpener or cheese grater. Do one colour at a time, collecting the shavings into a pile. Sprinkle the shavings over half of the butterfly and choose similar coloured crayons to avoid too many colours mixing together to make brown. When the outline is half filled in, refold the paper in half.

Step 3: Cover and heat!

Cover your template with baking paper and iron over the crayon shavings in short bursts to melt the shavings together. Unfold the paper and then allow the melted crayon to completely dry.

Step 4: Cut and display!

Using your early stART Safety Scissors, cut around the edges of the butterfly to reveal your beautiful butterfly wings. Why not display them by creating a feature wall or hanging them off clear wire from the ceiling!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF