Whether you're having a dinosaur themed party or just have little critters who love dinosaurs, this fun and easy activity will make meal time a scream! If the child is old enough to handle scissors, they can do the entire process themselves. Younger children will need the pieces cut out so they can enjoy arranging and glue into place.

TIP: Be sure to decorate the party table with your Dino Besties and encourage your party animals to decorate their plates while they wait for cake!   

What you’ll need:

  • Micador Besties Marker Mates – Dino
  • 3 party plates (makes 1)
  • 1 piece of A4 Paper (makes 2)
  • Micador Scissors
  • Glue Stick

Prepare your plates

You need 3 paper plates for each Dino Party Plate. A full plate for the body, a cut-out middle piece for the head and a curved halve plate for the tail.

Decorate your dinosaur

Using your Dino Besties Marker Mates, draw an eye and mouth on the head piece. Then decorate the A4 paper with a fun pattern (stripes and polka dots look great)! Try: Try adding a googley eye for a 3D effect! Tip: If you are using plastic plates try using our Micador Stay Anywhere Permanent Pens or Micador For Artists PermaPainters!

Scissors and scales

Cut the paper into 3cm horizontal strips so you have a guide to keep the scales an even height. Now start cutting triangles from your strips.

Get it together!

Lastly, glued the scales to the body and tail piece. Slightly overlapping them for a fun effect. Work out where you want the head and tail in relation to the body and tape or glue them in place!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF