Go wild and use your natural surroundings to create a Jungle scene fit for your besties! Learn about the jungle and the animals that live in it by making this fun diorama.

Your Jungle Besties will guide you as to the elements to include and will then lend a hand in colouring some of them in. Last, but not least your Besties Marker Mates will then become the stars of the show as they wonder around their habitat and interact with each other!

 What you’ll need:

  • Micador Besties – Jungle
  • A cardboard box
  • Leaves, grass, twigs etc from outside
  • Micador Glue Stick
  • Micador Scissors

Make your Mark

Grab an empty box and cut out one side so you have a 3-sided box. Mark out what should go where. For example Hugs the Hippo will need water, Ben the bear may need a cave, Jules the Panda likes to be surrounded by lots of green etc. Note the areas can be coloured with markers and the areas that will need more foliage.

Source your scene

Head outdoors to collect grass clippings, twigs, leaves, flowers, pebbles etc. You will know the quantities required by looking at the space marked out in your box from Step 1. Hugs the Hippo is a blue marker so don’t forget to use him for a river or the sky.

Add your colour

Use your markers to create a base of colours where appropriate for example, Jules the Panda (green) can be used before you stick grass over the top. Hugs the Hippo (blue) will be perfect for a river or the sky.

Now add nature

Use a glue stick and craft glue where appropriate to secure the nature you collected, so that your box is completely covered. Place your Besties Jungle Markers in the scene and let your imagination go wild. How will the Besties interact in their environment? Who will Snaps the Alligator bump into at the watering hole?
Download this info as a takeaway PDF