Make a splash and create some underwater scenes! This fun activity encourages imaginative play, as children use their Underwater Besties to create tall tales inside their portholes relating to their marker characters.

As the captain of the story, ask your child to have the markers interact with each other. For example, Squeak the Dolphin and Keef the Killer Whale might be leaping out of the water in one. In another porthole, Sheila Shark could be chasing Sammy Seal amongst the coral. Lastly, don’t forget to include Baf the Walrus and Percy Penguin.

What you’ll need:

  • Micador Besties – Underwater
  • Paper or Plastic Plates
  • Micador Drawing Paper
  • Micador Glue Stick
  • Micador Scissors
  • Micador ColourRush Pencils

Cut it out!

Depending on the amount of portholes you want to create, put aside double the amount of plates. We wanted 3 portholes, so we used 6 plates and cut out the center of 3 of them and then had 3 complete plates ready for step 2.

Colour the elements

On your drawing paper, sketch underwater elements for your portholes and then colour them in. TIP: Percy Penguin (yellow) is perfect for sand and Baf the Walrus (purple) and Sammy Seal (green) will come in handy for some coral. Oh, and Squeak the Dolphin will give you the perfect ‘sky’ blue! Try adding in some pompoms!

Secure your scenes

Cut out your elements and arrange them on your plates to create your different scenes. Once happy, glue them to the middle section of your plates. We created 3 different scenes to give us oceans of story ideas!


Glue each decorated paper plate together with a cut-out plate to create the porthole effect. The plate cut out should be glued facing the decorated plate so the most outward facing parts are secured together. Now it’s time to immerse yourself in some sea themed story time!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF