What you need:

  • Micador Blank Canvas
  • Micador for Artists Future Brush (Flat)
  • Micador Lotus Palette
  • Micador Acylic Paint
  • Masking Tape

Step 1: Prep your canvas

On the canvas, use the masking tape to mask out your design – keep in mind the proportions and shapes.

Step 2: Choose your colours!

Choose your colour scheme. TIP: bold contrasting colours work well.

Step 3: Paint!

Start to fill in the areas of your design with different colours. Try to paint away from the tape rather than into it (to stop paint from getting underneath). Try blending different tones to add some depth to your painting.

Step 4: Reveal your work!

Allow your painting to dry thoroughly and peel of the tape to reveal your magnificent piece of modern art! (Don’t forget to sign your work!)
Download this info as a takeaway PDF