You will need:

  • Drawing Paper
  • Collected and Co. Paper tape
  • Early start scissors
  • Early start low-mess, washable fluoro paint discs
  • Micador Stuff For Painting


  • Remove the tape very gently so as not to tear your paper.
  • Ensure that the paint is completely dry before removing the tape. Removing the tape while the paint is still wet may result in the surrounding paper ripping.
  • Blend your colours together for a beautiful water colour effect.



Step 1: Set up your page

Using your scissors, cut lengths of washing tape and place them at different angles across your sheet of painting paper

Step 2: Start Painting!

Paint inside the sections of paper tape. Allow the paint to completely dry

Step 3: Reveal your art

Very gently remove the tape from the paper to reveal your painted pattern.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF