It’s fun for kids to see how their hands look on paper. In this activity kids can learn how to easily draw a chicke on rooster from the outline of their hand!


Use our Soft Triangle Crayons which are made from beeswax, to provide easy colour lay-down and ultimate safety in this activity idea. The triangle shape of the crayons teaches youngsters the correct grip and aids in their development. 



Add another element to this activity and see how they compare in shape and size to an adults. 

Try adding some fine motor skills practice to the activity and cut your chickens, chicks and roosters out to paste onto some paper and create a farm scene!



Step 1: Outline your hands

Trace the outline of the child's hands. Depending on their age, you can either trace for them or ask them to trace their own hands.

Step 2: Add colour!

Ask the child to colour in the outline and add details, such as a eyes, feet and a beak. We used a red crayon for the roosters and the yellow crayon for chickens.

Step 3: Grow your family!

Add some small circles below the chickens and colour them in. These will soon become chicks!

Step 4: It's in the detail

Now add detail to the chicks, similar to Step 2. Don't forget to add some grass and any other features to bring the chicken coop to life!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF