At first glance, drawing a mandala looks complicated. However, these intricate designs are surprisingly easy and child-friendly.


To draw a mandala, guide your child to draw flowers with repetitive features and shapes. These patterns will reveal the magic of these markers - watch as the same shapes take on and reveal different colours as you go over them!



You will need:


  • Micador A4 drawing Paper
  • Fibracolour Magic Markers




Step 1: Cover your page with squares

Colour small squares using your markers. Colour enough squares to cover the page.

Step 2: Make your mandala marks!

Once your page is filled with coloured squares, take your magic marker and start drawing mandalas and patterns across the page.

Step 3: Watch your mandalas magically appear

Keep drawing and watching as the colours magically change across the page!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF