This activity is great for motor skills and folding practice. Let your imagination go for a swim and don’t stop at adding teeth - what about drawing a tongue, it’s lunch or even write a secret message inside!

You’ll need:
Micador jR. A4 drawing paper
Micador Triangle Easy Grip Markers




Step 1: Time to fold!

Fold your paper in half and then fold one half of your paper back on itself.

Step 2. Draw an outline of a fish

Draw your cute fish on the folded paper, so that the lips meet in the fold as pictured.

Step 3. Open up and add surprise details!

Open your piece of paper up to expose the two blank horizontal panels in the middle. Connect the lines of your fish mouth and give it some sharp teeth! See the picture for an example.

Step 4. Colour in your creature!

Colour in using bright coloured markers. Using different colours in the connecting segments will give your fish an interesting pattern.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF