Repurpose your old photos with abstract designs, coloured thread and some creativity!

Your artwork can be turned into a gift card, party invite or a backdrop at a party.


You will need:

  • Photos/ Magazine clippings
  • Coloured Thread
  • A Sewing Needle
  • Micador Acrylic Paint Set
  • Micador For Artists Achiever Brush, FSC 100% Flat, Size 1/2in
  • Micador Lotus Palette
  • Micador Scissor - Black, 210mm




Step 1: Find your photos

Look through old photo albums and magazines. Photocopy or print them once you have selected your subjects. The larger the photo the better as it means you will have more space paint and to sew later on.

Step 2: Bring in some colour

Start using paint to create patterns or designs over the photos. You can even add your own unique characters to the image! Wait a few minutes for the paint to dry.

Step 3: Start sewing!

Thread your needle carefully and start creating patterns onto the photo. We sewed designs around the yellow frame we painted, as well as patterns on the jumpers. Knot the thread behind the image once you are done. Be careful with the needle as you embellish the photo, particularly smaller images. and when knotting the thread once you are done.

Step 4: Display your work!

It’s time to display your artwork. You could frame it, use the artwork for an event invite or even hold on to it as a personal keepsake.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF