Make Dad feel special with this DIY Tie Card. You’ll have fun painting and decorating this thoughtful masterpiece!


This could also work for a birthday card or a card to congratulate someone on a job promotion.  You could also try a bow tie on a landscape card if the recipient doesn’t wear ties.


You will need:

  • Early stART Painting Paper
  • Early start Low Mess Washable Paint Discs
  • Early stART Stuff for Painting
  • Micador Scissor - Black, 210mm
  • Ribbon
  • Carboard




Step 1: Cut out your tie

Draw a tie onto your paper, by drawing a triangle pointing down, then draw a diamond shape underneath (top point extended) connecting to the triangle. Now cut it out!

Step 2: Paint!

Using the early stART Stuff for Painting tools, you can create colourful designs usng your early stART Low Mess Washable Paint Discs. Once you’re done, wait a few minutes for the paint to dry.

Step 3: Make your card!

Fold some cardboard in half to create a card (portrait rather than landscape is best). For more detail glue a ribbon loop to the top. Once dry, glue onto the card!

Step 4: Write a message!

This is your chance to tell your Dad how much he means to you! Once you’ve written your message, your card is ready for father’s Day!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF