A simple eraser can transform your artwork in many ways! Check out these techniques.


You Will Need:

  • Micador For Artists Charcoal Pencils
  • Micador For Artists Greys Sketching Set
  • Micador For Artists Pressed Charcoal
  • Micador Eraser
  • Micador Visual Art Diary
  • Kneadable Eraser



Technique 1: Lighten Areas

In your visual diary, shade an area with a stick of compressed charcoal. Then with your Kneadable Eraser, use a dabbing and dragging motion to pick up and remove the excess charcoal. This will lighten your focus areas.

Technique 2: Make Highlights

Use your Micador For Artists Greys Sketching Set to draw a shape in your visual diary. Darken the areas with the deepest shadows and use your eraser to rub out the pigment where the highlights are.

Technique 3: Draw with a negative colour palette

For this technique use compressed charcoal to darken your page. Then using an eraser, draw a shape or object whilst rubbing out the charcoal.

Technique 4: Rub Back Drawing

This combines a few of the techniques we’ve covered. Cover a page with a medium tone charcoal layer, then use the technique of drawing by rubbing out charcoal with your eraser. Once you have a shape mapped out, use your charcoal pencil to shade and finally, use your eraser to create highlights.
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