This easy and low mess activity is great for imaginative play. You probably have all the supplies you need at home!


You Will Need:

MIcador jR. Painting Paper

Micador Watercolour Stylist Palette 36s

Micador Sizzle Scissors

Craft Stick

Micador early start Glue Stick




Step 1: Paint!

Using your Watercolour Stylist Palette, paint a unicorn from the neck up, or any other creature or character you’d like, onto your painting paper! Start by painting the head of the unicorn, then add details like the mane, the horn and an eye!

Step 2: Cut Out!

Once your paint has dried, carefully cut out your unicorn with your Micador Sizzle Scissors!

Step 3: Glue Together!

Grab a craft stick and put glue on one end of the craft stick. Then stick your unicorn cut out over the glue and wait for it to dry!

Step 4: Play!

Once the glue has dried, your Unicorn puppet is ready to go! See what other kinds of creatures and animals you can create!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF