What you need:

  • Micador Super Modelling Clay - Brown, Black and White
  • Micador Modelling tools

Step 1: Roll out your pieces

Roll our your body parts – 2 large pieces for the head and body – make these more of a rounded square/log shape, 4 short and stumpy pieces for the legs and 2 small pieces for the ears.

Step 2: Attach the head and body

Join your head and body together and smooth on your legs. You can use the rounded tool in the modelling tools kit to help you smooth out those little bits. TIP: Using a toothpick, pierce it through the body, leaving a little bit exposed and attach the head. This will create more stability and strength.

Step 3: Add the finishing touches!

Using different coloured clay, add the finishing touches to your wombat like eyes, mouth and inner ears.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF