What you need:

  • Micador Super Modelling Clay - Purple, White and Black
  • Micador Modelling tools

Step 1: Roll out your pieces

Roll out your body parts – 2 large pieces for the head and body – the head slightly smaller than the body, 2 small pieces for the ears, 2 small pieces for the hands, 2 small pieces for the feet and 1 small piece for the tail.

Step 2: Join the head and body

Make a rounded cone for the body and secure it to the head. TIP: Using a toothpick, pierce it through the body, leaving a little bit exposed and attach the head. This will create more stability and strength.

Step 3: Attach the feet and hands

Attach the feet and hands by smoothing them onto the body. Flatten out the balls and make them into a semi-circle, using the flat edge to attach. Repeat this for the ears however this time, curl the edges up a bit to make a dish like shape.

Step 4: Add your features

Use different coloured clay to add features. Like a furry chest, eyes, nose and inner ears. Use the small end of the red circle tool to create indents for the eyes in the head.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF