What you need:

  • Micador Super Modelling Clay - Green, Black, Red and White
  • Micador Modelling tools

Step 1: Roll out your pieces

Roll out your body parts – 4 small equal sized balls for the feet, 1 medium piece for the tail, 1 large piece for the body/head, and 2 medium pieces for the mouthpieces.

Step 2: Make the tail

Roll out a long skinny tail and a thick cone shaped body/head, attaching the tail to the smaller part of the body/head. Make the mouthpieces into stubby cylinders, squaring them off at the ends to form the snout.

Step 3: Attach the head

To attach the mouth, join the two bits separately to the head, only smoothing them together where they meet at the head. Pinch up the top of the mouth to where it meets the head to make two small bumps for the eyes to sit on. Use the rounded red tool to press into the bumps to make little cavities for the eyeballs to sit in.

Step 4: Finish it!

Attach the feet to the bottom of your crocodile by squashing the balls and making them into to stubby bits – place where your feet need to go on the surface and then gently rest your crocodile on top, softly pressing them on. Add finishing touches e.g. eyes, teeth, toenails and spikes!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF