What you need:

  • early stART No-Drip Paint, Pack 4
  • early stART Painting Paper
  • Micador For Artists Kraft Paper
  • early stART Jumbo Pencils
  • early stART safety scissors

Step 1: Make your cards

Fold and cut your paper to size, try using a variety of paper types like watercolour, Kraft and normal paper to paint onto to experience different textures.

Step 2: Sketch

Using pencil, sketch out your design on the card. You can even make a stencil of a shape, like a love heart, using paper.

Step 3: Paint!

Use the no-drip paint to paint on your design with your fingertips! See what shapes your thumbprints can make.

Step 4: Add some colour

Use some early stART jumbo pencils to help colour in areas of your paintings and write your valentine messages.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF