What you need:

  • Toilet Rolls
  • Early stART No-drip paint
  • Micador Easy Wash white Paint
  • early stART Bubblegum Brushes
  • early stART Imagination Paper
  • early stART Splat Mat
  • early stART Art Smock
  • early stART Softies Tri-Grip Crayons
  • early stART Safety Scissors
  • early stART Glue / Craft Glue
  • Googly Eyes

Step 1: Paint the rolls

Paint the toilet rolls white first to make the coloured paint vibrant on the rolls. Use a splat mat and art smock for protection and paint the dried white toilet rolls with the no-drip paint!

Step 2: Decorate the bugs!

Once the rolls are dry, add some pattern and colour to the love bug by using some tape or pasting on some strips from imagination paper.

Step 3: Build body parts

Use the imagination paper to cut out love heart wings and antennas. Help your child by drawing the shapes first on the paper for them to cut out with the safety scissors. Use early stART Softies Tri-Grip Crayons to decorate.

Step 4: Secure the wings and antennas

Using glue, attach the wings and antennas to the back of the roll. Stick on the googly eyes to the front so it's love at first sight!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF