This activity is a great introduction to geography for your child. Use the graphics on the globe to talk about different animals and plants that are native to each country.


You will need:

  • Globe4kids
  • Early Start Bright First Dough
  • Drawing paper
  • Stay anywhere marker pen

Step 1: Roll the dough!

Take a small portion of your dough and roll it into a long cylinder shape. Keep rolling until you have a number of different coloured cylinders.

Step 2: Find your distance!

Choose a starting point or “home” on your globe. Ask your child to find a country or point of interest on the globe and then link a piece of dough between your home point and that country.

Step 3: Transport your dough!

Carefully transfer your dough from the globe onto a piece of paper with a simple graph drawn on it.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF